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Medicine Bundles

To all of our registered clients, we provide Medicine Bundles available for either pickup or drop-off.

Our Medicine Bundles contain the four sacred medicines (tobacco, sweetgrass, sage and cedar), a box of matches, an abalone shell, a feather, a journal and a pen


Care Packages

Anyone who walks through our doors is eligible to receive a care package if needed. Care Packages are carefully tailored to your needs.

For an extensive list of all we have to offer and to apply for your own, please fill out the form below:
Care Packages.

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Support Circles

On the first Wednesday of every month, Endaayaan Awejaa hosts a support circle for anyone wanting to talk about whats been going through their minds.

Refreshments are Provided.


While we try to provide everyone within our community with support, having registered clients allow for us to provide more in-depth support and apply for funding to keep all of our services 100% free!
If you are a registered client, you will not only be applicable for Client-Only events, but you will also be eligible to apply for more exclusive Care Package Items (winter jackets, boots, etc) 

Registration is 100% free!
Click here to be redirected to our forum and Register with us today!

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