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New Space

As of June of 2023, Endaayaan Awejaa formally outgrew our old office space and moved to 187 Main Street West!

With a much bigger space - we've been able to provide more support and workshops for our Indigenous Youth!



Painted by Nikki Jo Mattinas, two murals hang up in our office for clients to sign.

The first mural is in memory of those we've lost. Clients are invited to come sign their loved ones names in memory.

Our other mural is titled Maawi Bmosedaa - Walking in Unity.

As a community, we have to walk together to support one another, no matter our struggles.

Clients are encouraged to sign their own names to show their dedication in serving our community and helping others.


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Annual Learning Lodge

Every year during the summer, Endaayaan Awejaa hosts a Learning Lodge for Indigenous Youth. This event happens over the course of a week at Beaucage Park and includes arts and culture workshops!

The highlight of the Learning Lodge is hide scraping- teaching Indigenous youth how to scrape and preserve hides over the course of the week leading to a grande feast!


Youth Exchange

Every year, Endaayaan Awejaa sets up a youth exchange for our clients to experience other Youth Programs outside of North Bay!

Filled with pride and laughter, we always have a great time getting to explore the programming other services have to offer!


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Storytelling has always been an integral part of our culture. During the winter months, we would spend our days together exchanging stories.

Our Winter Storytelling Series consists of an eight episode docu-series featuring local youth and elders sharing their experiences on hate, colonization and racism.

For further information or to book a training seminar, please contact us though Facebook, Instagram, phone or email.


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