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About Us

Endaayaan Awejaa is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to creating a safe environment for youth and families to heal and build healthy foundations for their future.


In November of 2021, We opened our doors at 187 Main St W. Endaayaan Awejaa providing youth with a safe place to develop personal and professional skills.

Endaayaan Awejaa provides outreach services through care packages, medicine bundles, and workshops.


Our foundational pillars are arts and culture, reconciliation, education, and harm reduction.


Endaayaan Awejaa also offers a variety of peer support programs.


Our History

Endaayaan Awejaa was founded in 2020, by our Chief Executive Officer, Natasha Lariviere. She wanted to create change within our community in memory of all our loved ones who had passed on before us and have been affected by intergenerational trauma.


Purposely situated in downtown North Bay, Endaayaan Awejaa’s mandate is to build safe places for Indigenous youth and families to heal, grow and build solid foundations for their future. Everyone in the community is welcome to attend monthly programming and workshops.


Our Funding comes from our generous funders and private donors.


The environment is more casual and less institutional. Whether you’re coming to complete paperwork, participate in workshops or simply just to relax on the couch, all youth are welcome.


There are no expectations when you use our services and everything is 100% free.


Our Dream

Our goal is to create an Indigenous youth home which will include counselling, mentorship and workshops. The programming offered will collectively contribute to healthy personal and professional skills for the youth who stay in our home.

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