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Sponsorships and Donations


Aaniin, Boozhoo, Waychay, Tansii!

As a non-profit organization, Endaayaan Awejaa always seeks donations of all shapes and sizes! Whether it's a recurring monthly donation, or something as little as a dollar - every little bit helps! 

By donating, not only are you helping out a start-up organization, but you are allowing us the chance to give back to our community and continue to help out indigenous youth and families!

Why Donate?

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Our programming and services include but are not limited to online and in-person workshops and resources such as 2-spirit teachings, budgeting, healthy meals and more. In addition, we also supply transportation aid and refreshments for everyone who comes to our workshops. Outside of our workshops, our office is open on weekdays for indigenous youth and families to drop in for resources and support. Whether to relax and work in a safe environment or to pick up one of our highly needed bundles! We supply anyone in need who comes through our doors with one of our care packages which include hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, soap), menstrual products (pads & tampons), sexual health products (condoms, lube, dental dams), and much more. Similarly, we also supply medicine bundles for spiritual practice which include the four sacred medicines, a feather, an abalone shell, a journal and matches.

By supporting Endaayaan Awejaa, you are also supporting your community and those who rely on our services! Donations will be used to go towards restocking our care packages, supplying food and drinks for drop-ins and workshop facilitators, travelling aid and errand runs, and keeping our doors open!


We want our services to remain free and available for everyone!


On March 9th and 10th of 2024, Endaayaan Awejaa will be hosting an Indigenous Youth Voices Forum and we are currently looking for sponsors.

The Indigenous Youth Voices Forum (IYVF) is a vital initiative dedicated to combating Anti-Indigenous Racism across multiple sectors. We are seeking sponsors to help us achieve our mission of promoting awareness, knowledge, and action against racism. Your support will have a significant impact on our efforts and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future for Indigenous youth and communities.

The IYVF will draw a broad range of participants, including Indigenous youth, community
leaders, and advocates. We anticipate the participation of approximately 50 individuals from diverse backgrounds,
making this a dynamic and inclusive event.

By sponsoring the IYVF, you will contribute to the following outcomes:

Increased Awareness: Your support will help raise awareness of Anti-Indigenous Racism and promote understanding of its impact on Indigenous communities.
➢ New Skills: Participants will gain new skills, knowledge, and tools to combat racism and promote inclusivity.
➢ Behavioral Change: The IYVF will inspire new behaviors and attitudes that reject racism and embrace cultural sensitivity.
➢ Community Resilience: Through your sponsorship, we aim to build community resilience, empowering Indigenous youth and communities to address racism effectively.

Your support is instrumental in making these outcomes a reality and advancing our collective
fight against Anti-Indigenous Racism.

Platinum Sponsor: $1000.00 +

➢ Prominent logo placement on event materials
➢ Exclusive recognition during opening and closing ceremonies
➢ Feature in post-event press releases and social media highlights
➢ Complimentary exhibit space

Gold Sponsor: $700.00 - $999.99

➢ Logo placement on event materials
➢ Recognition during opening and closing ceremonies
➢ Feature in post-event social media highlights

Silver Sponsor: $500.00 - $699.99

➢ Logo placement on event materials
➢ Recognition during the event
➢ Feature in post-event acknowledgments

Bronze Sponsor: $300.00 - $499.99

➢ Logo placement on event materials
➢ Acknowledgment during the event

Our Current Sponsors

Our Current Funders

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