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Natasha Lariviere - CEO & Founder of Endaayaan Awejaa 

Aaniin. Boozhoo. Emski Misgokwe ndizhnikaaz. Nbisiing ndoonjibaa. Waawaashkesh ndoodem. 

My name is Natasha Lariviere. Also, my spirit name is Strong Earth Woman. I am from Nbisiing Aka Nipissing First Nation. I am part of the deer clan. 


I have always had a passion for working with youth since I was a teenager. I was always a part of the youth group at the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre growing up. I then started attending high school at Nbisiing Secondary. They helped me learn about my culture and passion for helping others. After I graduated from there I attended the Indigenous Wellness Addiction Prevention program in 2011. I then also graduated from Canadore College in 2015 receiving my diploma in Office Administration. I am a recent graduate of the Social Service Worker program at George Brown College. I am currently working towards my Bachelor's Degree in Indigenous Social Work. 

I am the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Endaayaan Awejaa. I started this organization in memory of all my ancestors, my loved ones who have passed on, and for future generations. I also wanted to help our younger generation have a chance at a good life.  Life isn't always easy and there can be a lot of obstacles. Growing up in North Bay and Nipissing First Nation I have met a lot of youth that have relocated for their education. A lot of them were youth and were living with family or on their own.  I felt that sometimes our youth got overlooked when it came to housing supports and mental health issues. My hopes are to open a youth home in the future for those who may need a home, want support to start living on their own and learn more about their passion and culture. 

I love meeting new people and learning their stories. I hope through our organization to meet a lot more of our younger generation and start helping them work towards their dreams. 

- Natasha Lariviere

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