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Recovery Support Group

This group is for youth between ages 15-29 who are in recovery from substance such as opioids, alcohol or etc.


Our Recovery Based Support Group will incorporate Indigenous culture and teachings.

The purpose of this group is to create a support network for youth in recovery which will include community resources, medicine bundles, culture connections, recovery resources and tools.

Group Circles will run on a bi-weekly basis


Youth Wellness Council

10 youth between the ages 15-29 will have the opportunity to sit on our first Youth Wellness Council.

Each registered youth will receive a 30.00 mandatory meeting honorarium, along with an Endaayaan Awejaa swag, and added bonuses.

The purpose of our council is to give youth the opportunity to use their voice to create community-based wellness initiatives. Our goal is to help youth develop the tools to create change within their community.


The YWC will have the opportunity to volunteer within their community, network with other youth throughout Turtle Island, fundraise for ongoing initiatives and receive ongoing training opportunities.

Youth will receive ongoing support for their initiatives from our Endaayaan Awejaa Team, community partners, community knowledge keepers and elders.

Please contact us if you are interested in registering for any of our ongoing programming.

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